Friday, August 20, 2010

Did I cheat on you??

It's funny how things are.

Imagine a scenario, someone is a faithful, loving partner in a marriage. The other spouse however is jealous, seems to read things in that are not there... or not the intention of the faithful loving partner. The other spouse begins to become accusatory to the loving partner.... accuses the other partner of not loving and of indefidelities.

Since the loving partner is faithful and completely loves their spouse but is being falsely accused of not caring or "cheating" would it be safe to assume that eventually the jealousy of the other spouse will begin to push the loving partner away.. who never wanted to leave at all....

This can apply to other relationships as well. As we all know feelings are tricky things. My feelings, your feelings, his/her feelings.. when each of us have our own and they are STRONG well it gets hard to sort it all out without someone at any time getting hurt without the intention to hurt them in the first place.

There are people that we all have hurt unintentionally... that all came from our own hurt. Or maybe it is not about us.. Maybe, it is about the other hurt they have experienced from someone us and it is attached onto us. Then those people hurt us...

I am tired of hurt.

Last weekend I took a little bit of hurt out of my heart.. just a little bit of the lifetime rejection I have faced.. because of that someone else feels hurt.

I am tired of hurt.